That time I fell in love with a psychopath

“Do you think I’m a psychopath?” Aidan tossed those words out into the air and they hung with the strange sentiment that their content represented, his deep hazel eyes staring into mine with a playful excitement and curiosity.

“Yes.” I responded. I stared right back at him as I said this, hoping that if I peered ever so slightly deeper I’d get a glimpse of his soul. He didn’t blink. Staring back, the smile on his face seemed to curve ever so slightly upward as one enjoying karma run its course.

“What makes you say that?” he asked?

“Well what do you want to know?” I asked, staring ever deeper into the abyss of his mind. “I question the way in which you interact with other humans. How your empathy works, how your sense of attachment, love, and affection differs from what I consider normal. How you handle your interpersonal relationships.”

This time his mouth broke into a definitive smile. “That’s very accurate,” he said.

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Danny: The OG Tinderboy

I stepped off of the Orange Line and made my way to Tia’s, the light breeze around me just to the colder side of optimal but my ill-fitting button down was sufficient to insulate me. As I neared, the dull rumble of the college-aged bar activity slowly become discernible over the fleet of cars racing down Atlantic Ave.

On approach, I was suddenly overtaken by a distinct bout of deja vu of a bar crawl my friend had brought me on the previous summer which entailed paying $25 for a fluorescent tank top and then having the privilege of getting drunk during the daytime. I was still pissed about that — not even a hint of a discount on a single drink for the ridiculous ticket price. Continue reading Danny: The OG Tinderboy