TJ: The boy who liked his bacon flaccid

Alright I’m on my way!

I was on my way to meet TJ and his family for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
It was just like any other family-meeting date expedition. Except for one thing:

I had never met TJ before. It was decided that the easiest way for us to meet after several weeks of conversing was to have dinner together, with his family. And he had determined that he was going to make some bullshit up about meeting me prior.

I had told TJ that when we met I was going to bite his neck. I will admit that I totally chickened out in the awkward lobby area of the cheesecake factory. After meeting him for about 10 seconds I was introduced to his mom and sister. What fun.

At the conclusion of dinner TJ and I drove up to spend the night at his mom’s house with his sister. The four of us arrived and had great conversation for a time; his mother actually reminded me of my “cool aunt.” Eventually, TJ and I ended up upstairs in the bedroom of the house, kicking his sister onto the couch downstairs.

The next morning TJ had two very large hickeys on his neck and I had one. Adorning scarfs, we ventured downstairs. TJ confessed immediately to his mom, and I think she found the situation rather amusing. It was at this point that I fullfilled my promise to make breakfast for the family, whipping up a set of English muffin breakfast sandwiches. They were very well received, though apparently TJ despised crispy bacon and told me it should be more flaccid.

And so I left his mom’s house, nursing a hickey. She gave me a hug when I left.

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